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speed booster Proxy 1.1.0 (MOD Premium)

Speed, quickness, and unlimited access are all that users want when surfing the Internet. However, not all countries extend this access, which is why VPN applications, including speed booster Proxy, were developed.

About speed booster Proxy

Each time users want to improve the speed and performance of online games, they often look for and use Proxy applications. Many VPN and Proxy applications are developed, but not all support users well. If you are looking for a tool to improve device performance and speed up the Internet, a speed booster Proxy is a good choice.

It is a free application that gives you free access to all internet content without geo-restriction or blocking. This tool helps increase download speed, limit lag and speed up your device. It minimizes restrictions and limitations in access so you can enjoy all the content and play all the games you like in different countries. Besides, it works similar to a VPN app, helping maximize your network speed and access. Also, it protects your identity and limits hacking.

speed booster Proxy mod apk download

Connect to many servers with high security

If you are worried that your network operator will collect your personal information or that you will be hacked when accessing websites, use the virtual private network that speed booster Proxy provides. It offers many servers located in different countries for you to connect to. Some popular servers are the USA, Miami, Germany, New York, etc. Each server will have different parameters and connection status.

Plus, it has two server levels, Free and VIP. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate server. VIP servers provide advanced features and are more secure than the regular version. Before choosing any server, you should consider the parameters of access and network speed to choose the best one. For servers working well, it will show up in blue and decrease in levels from yellow to red. While using, you can also switch between servers easily.

Improve gaming performance

Not all user devices meet the standards of some game series. Some game series require the device to have a solid configuration to work well. Speed booster Proxy helps speed up the device as it works as an actual speed booster. Your favorite game character’s gaming performance and activities will become smoother. You will never experience lag or game out while playing.

Also, the network speed is increased so that your in-game activities are continuous. You will have a great playing experience with maximum performance. If you play action or shooting games, game lag will be minimized so that your in-game activities become accurate and fast. It makes your attacks quick and accurate, increasing your chances of knocking down opponents and winning. It is what all gamers want when playing any game.

speed booster Proxy features

Get detailed network reports.

It helps you connect to many IPs in different countries and is also a speed booster. Proxy also provides detailed reports on network parameters. You will get information including speed, pins, latency, network connection status, and many other parameters. Some parameters it will show for you to check include latency, packet loss, DNS leak test, bypassing firewall, etc. These parameters will vary depending on the server you choose. The more advanced the server is, the better the internet experience and security when you use it will be. This is what makes this tool stand out from other proxy apps. You can quickly check the internet speed of the connected servers for easier switching.

One-click to connect Proxy quickly

You can quickly connect to the Proxy that the speed booster Proxy provides in one click. After selecting the server you want to connect to, click connect, and the system will automatically connect to the Proxy. With this connection, you can quickly search for the information you want and get quick results. The remarkable thing is that it has maximum security, keeping your access safe. Your activity will be anonymous, and no one will be able to restrict your access. You can safely send and receive everything that matters to you. It also shows how long you have connected to a server. If you don’t want to use that server, you can change and reconnect from the beginning.

Simple and easy-to-use interface with no ads

speed booster Proxy provides a speed booster and secure connection and doesn’t make it difficult for you to use. It is designed with a simple interface and single color. With a black background and functions highlighted in neon green, you can pick it up and use it immediately. It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. Besides, it doesn’t let third-party ads disrupt your experience. You can use this tool easily and comfortably without constantly turning off the ads. It maximizes your experience and continuity of use.


speed booster Proxy is a great application that increases the speed and performance of your device and the security of your internet activities. Install this tool to break all limits in internet access and enjoy gaming at peak performance.

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Gun & Dungeons 324 (MOD Money)

Gun & Dungeons MOD APK puts you in a simulated world. Here, you will control a shooter who fights with strange monsters.

About Gun & Dungeons

Gun & Dungeons is an action game published by This is a game with exciting and attractive gameplay. More specifically, you will control a sharpshooter who fights monsters. Moreover, you can also collect equipment to increase the fighting power and decorate the character. At the same time, this is also a game that requires a lot of skills. Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in this article.

Gun & Dungeons mod apk download


Gun & Dungeons is a game with relatively simple gameplay. In this game, you will control a warrior to fight the dungeons. Your task is to destroy all monsters to win.

You can hold and slide anywhere on the smartphone screen to move the character on the map. However, he can only attack while standing still. Therefore, you must also choose a suitable position to counterattack and destroy the enemy besides moving to dodge attacks.

Game Mode

Gun & Dungeons MOD APK has two main modes that you can experience

  • Story Mode: Story Mode is a mode where you will learn about the game’s story through each chapter. More specifically, these chapters will be divided into different stages. The boss with superior power will appear in the final stages and chapters. Besides, you will be required to overcome them if you want to continue participating in the next battle.
  • Survival Mode: In this mode, you will have to survive and fight the enemy for as long as possible. Besides, you also have to fight bosses like in Story Mode. The game only ends when you run out of life force. Although it is a rather tricky mode to play, Survival Mode also brings many benefits. More specifically, you can experience rare power-ups or redeem items from the “Survival Store.”

In addition, Gun & Dungeons APK also has Event mode. However, this mode is still in development. Stay tuned, and looking forward to exciting things ahead.

Overcoming obstacles

Some rounds in Gun & Dungeons will have obstacles appearing on the map. They will hinder your movement. However, they also benefit you in some cases. More specifically, these obstacles can also block bullets and enemy movement. Therefore, you can completely hide behind those obstacles while looking for opportunities to counterattack.

Defeat the monster

Gun & Dungeons APK is a game that will require the player’s ingenuity and reflexes. You will need to dodge enemy attacks while attacking them back skillfully. You will confront strange and warlike monsters. Therefore, you must destroy them before they do things with you.

After killing monsters, they will drop random coins and equipment. You can collect them by moving closer to those locations. Every time you pass a stage, you will win valuable rewards like coins, gems, random items, and upgrade points.

Gun & Dungeons gameplay

Collect power-ups

When you kill enemies in battle, you will have a chance to collect power-up items. More specifically, these attack effects will significantly increase your combat power. There are many different power-ups in Guns & Dungeons. Therefore, you can freely choose the one that suits the match best.

In addition, the power-ups are divided into several ranks they are Heroic, Legendary, Elite, Rare, and Common. Of course, the power and effectiveness of power-ups are also ranked in this order.

However, in the early game, you can only collect up to 3 power-ups. Whenever you find a new power-up item, you can choose to keep it or discard it. Also, you can level up their ranks if you see two similar things. On the other hand, you can use more maximum power-up items when leveling up your character.

Confront the bosses

Bosses will be your biggest challenge in the game. They only appear at the end of the exact matches. Of course, the bosses will be much more prominent in size, vitality, and strength. However, they also bring a lot of valuable rewards. If you defeat the boss, it means you have successfully passed the stage.

Equip gears

Equipping gears is one of the ways to help increase your fighting ability. More specifically, you can change the character’s weapon and costume. Types of equipment in Guns & Dungeons will be rated according to their number of stars. The more stars an item has, the stronger it will be. In addition, you can monitor the stats of the equipment by tapping on it. On the other hand, equipping gear is also a way to decorate your character and make him more colorful.

Gun & Dungeons features

Playing with assistants

In Gun & Dungeons, you can choose to fight alongside a companion. They will follow you and fight the enemies with you. However, this helper will not be able to be attacked by monsters. Therefore, they will bring many benefits to you on the battlefield.

Character upgrade

Through rounds, your enemies will become stronger. Therefore, you will need to upgrade your strength to win. You will be awarded an upgrade point every time you win a stage. At this point, go to the “Talents” section on the app’s main page to upgrade your character.

There are three talent branches that you can choose to upgrade. More specifically, they are Power, Vitality, and Fortune. With each upgrade, they will bring you random effects. Thanks to that, your character will become stronger.

Upgrade equipment

Upgrading equipment is also an effective way to increase your combat power. After you have equipped your character, you can choose to upgrade them. Upgrading equipment will consume a lot of your coins. However, these benefits are significant because they will increase the character’s combat stats.

MOD APK of Gun & Dungeons

Gun & Dungeons MOD APK Unlimited Money is now available on APKmazon. Are you ready to experience it?

With this version, you can freely shop, open lucky boxes and upgrade equipment. Thanks to that, your character will become much more robust. As a result, you can easily pass the stages. What’s more, it’s also a chance for you to experience all of the game’s items.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Ads-free


Gun & Dungeons is an attractive shooting action game on smartphones. Can you help our marksman defeat the aggressive monsters? Let’s search for the answer now. Please click the link below to download and install Gun & Dungeons MOD APK for free.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Project Themer 1.1B (MOD Paid/ Patched)

Project Themer provides useful functions that make it easy to customize your Android device’s stock theme. Before you download and install this app, keep in mind that it only works on ROOT and AOSP 12+ Android devices!

Introducing Project Theme · Android 12⁺

Android is a great mobile operating system developed by Google. It sets itself apart from the rest by allowing users to further customize their device’s stock launcher in whatever way they want. You can easily apply a third-party launcher to refresh your device instantly, or easily change the entire icon in the app drawer with a third-party utility like X Icon Changer. As long as you want to personalize your Android device, there is always an app on the Play Store to make it easy for you.

Advanced Android customizations are unlocked when you Root your device. It allows you to access more deeply into the system functions and customize them. However, deeper intervention into the system means risks can come. You need a good tool to help you customize the default theme without harming the device. It also needs to ensure that even ordinary users can easily master the functions. Are you looking for an app like that? Project Theme is the answer.

Project Theme is developed by Baday Production. This application allows users to easily customize the components of the Android device’s stock launcher, including the status bar, widgets, music player, and more. It is currently available on the Play Store for $1.99 but you can get it for free on our blog.

Outstanding Functions

Project Themer is a small utility but it comes with a lot of great functions to customize your Android device’s stock launcher. It easily makes changes to the default launcher components to instantly make your device look unique.

  • Full control over Android 12 Monet: As we mentioned, Project Themer is perfectly compatible with Android OS. All functions work fine on this OS version. You have the best tool to customize the color of all the elements in the default theme.
  • Create your theme: Project Themer allows you to create a new theme and then apply personal customizations to the elements. In case you want to save time, you can choose one that is available in the collection. There are several unique themes to apply and change at a glance such as Trinity, Hotline, Skye, Dark, and Line.
  • All in one place, all with themes: With Project Themer, you have an all-in-one tool to customize the default Android look and feel. It works with all default themes as long as your device is running Android 12 or higher and rooted.
  • icon packs: Do not confuse this function with icon packs that apply to all themes. It only works on specific icons, including battery, mast, WIFI connection icon, Bluetooth, and Sound volume. There are currently three icon packs available: Amaze, Archerus, and PUI.
  • Apply black background to Amoled screen: Enable deep black for wallpaper to save more battery.
  • Fully customizable gradient themes: Easily change the color of elements in the default interface with color gradients.
  • System-wide theme
  • One-click, No reboot: Changes you made with Project Themer will be applied immediately. You don’t need to reboot to test the changes.

MOD APK of Project Themer

Mod info

All paid features are unlocked. Now you can use the full version.

How to install Project Themer


  • This app and Magisk module only work on Stock Android 12+
  • Flashing on different ROM can brick your device
  • The app will need to install the core package for themes in ONE TIME And you will be able to apply all changes WITHOUT REBOOT!
  • On first use, the application requires an Internet connection to download the necessary resources.

How to install

Step 1: Download the necessary files that we have provided below.

Step 2: Open the APK file, tap Install then wait for the installation to complete. Now the app is up and running but you’d better do a few other settings.

We would suggest you install bootloop protector module before installing the Project Themer module. If anything goes wrong this module will disable all magisk modules to prevent bootloop.

Install the bootloop protector and reboot your device.

Install the Project Themer module and reboot.

Tap on Install and press the back button. Return to the application and click Continue. If the Continue option is not displayed, you need to clear the app from recent and open it again.

Done! You now have access to all functions and apply customizations.


Project Themer is a great app for customizing stock themes on rooted Android devices. Now you can download the latest mod of the app to use all the advanced features for free!

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Truckers of Europe 3 0.22 (MOD Money)

Play the role of a truck driver and transport items across locations across Europe in Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK. This game will give you the most authentic and exciting truck driving experience.

About Truckers of Europe 3

Truckers of Europe 3 is a truck driving simulation game published by Wanda Software. This is a game with a gorgeous and realistic design and gameplay. Also, Truckers of Europe 3 is the latest installment in the popular game series of the same name. As you know, Wanda Software has been very successful with the previous two games, with hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play. So what’s so special about this newly released Trucker of Europe 3 game? – Let’s explore it with APKmazon in the article below.

Truckers of Europe 3 mod apk free

The most realistic driving game on Android

Truckers of Europe 3 is a truck driving game with the most realistic smartphone gameplay. In this game, you will be playing the role of a truck driver. At the same time, you also work for a company you own. At the beginning of the game, you can name your driver and company. It will accompany you every step of the way and also become your brand.


Truckers of Europe 3 is a fun and easy-to-play simulation game. You don’t need to be a driver to play this game because its control system is quite simple. You can use the brake or accelerate on the right side of the screen. On the contrary, on the left side is where you can fight back or control the vehicle. Some advanced features such as starting/shutting the engine or parking modes, or calling for help will be located in the upper corner of the screen. Everything is displayed on your smartphone. It probably only takes a few minutes to get used to the gameplay.

Besides, Truckers of Europe 3 is also a perfect game for you to learn to drive on your smartphone.

Show off your driving skills.

Show your driving skills in Truckers of Europe 3 APK. Of course, when traveling on roads, you will encounter other vehicles in traffic. You need to stay in the right lane, obey traffic laws and avoid collisions with them. If an unfortunate crash happens, it will damage your vehicle. At the same time, you will have to pay the cost of repairing the car. Sometimes, a collision will cause your vehicle to get stuck. At this point, you will have to use the Township rescue service, which costs a lot of money.

Truckers of Europe 3 mod

Change the viewing angle mode.

One thing that I like about Truckers of Europe 3 is being able to change the camera modes. More specifically, you can adjust the camera to the first or third-person perspective as you like.

I usually use the first person in these games because they give the feeling that you are driving a truck in real life. However, I will use a third-person perspective on narrow roads because it provides a broader view.

Advanced vehicle physics

Your truck in Truckers of Europe has all the features of a real-life vehicle. More specifically, you can use the turn signal, the horn, turn the engine on or off, adjust the lights, and more. Moreover, you can also change the gearshift or turn on the parking mode.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the vehicle. After each journey, you will need to repair the wear and tear on the car to keep it in good working order. Besides, always pay attention to the amount of fuel remaining. You will not be able to continue driving if it runs out of gas. To fill up gas, you can visit gas stations on the roadside.

The steering and vehicle control modes also follow logic and physics knowledge. This will give you the most realistic feeling when playing the game.

Realistic weather conditions

Truckers of Europe 3 is a game that focuses on developing realism in gameplay. Therefore, you will experience the same weather environment outside as in real life. More specifically, time is also divided into night and day. What’s more, you will experience driving in the rain, snow, fog, or hot sun.

Real locations

In the Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK game, you will experience the familiar roads of big cities. Wanda Software – the developer of this game, has spent a lot of time researching the streets of Germany. As a result, they simulated those locations with high precision and detail, thereby giving the player a realistic feel.

You can visit cities such as Frankfurt, Nancy, Nuremberg, and more during the game.

Vehicle systems and upgrades

There are many different trucks in Truckers of Europe 3. This is perhaps an enhanced feature compared to previous titles in the same series. To own new cars, you must buy them from the car dealer in the game. In addition, you also need to make sure you have space in the warehouse to park your car.

Each car has different designs, brands, and strengths. You can track them from the vehicle parameters section during the purchase and sale.

In addition, you can also upgrade and customize your truck. More specifically, you can upgrade the engine, transmission, tires, and more. You can even change the color of the car if you want. Thanks to the upgrade, your vehicle will run smoother, faster, and easier to control on the roads.

Heavy trailers and cargo

In Truckers of Europe 3, you can ship many different orders. Because you are a skilled driver, many clients want to use your service. Of course, that will come with good sales and commissions.

At the same time, you can choose the item to ship. There are a lot of different things depending on the customer’s requirement. Of course, you have the right to choose who you will cooperate with in the many offers.

Truckers of Europe 3 apk

Top-notch graphics

It can be worth saying that Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK is the game with the most realistic graphic design on smartphones that I have ever played. Moreover, this game possesses a very logical control mechanism and is consistent with the laws of physics. So it gives a feeling like you are driving a car in real life.

Moreover, Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK also has an automatic graphic customization feature. More specifically, the game will evaluate the configuration and power of your smartphone, thereby automatically adjusting the most appropriate graphics level.

MOD APK of Truckers of Europe 3

For each shipment that you ship, you will receive payment. From there, you can save money to buy a new truck, upgrade an existing one, or expand your business.

Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK Unlimited Money allows you to shop or upgrade anything you want. In this version, you will own a lot of money and can use them to your heart’s content. In addition, Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK has also wholly removed in-game ads to optimize the player experience. Now you can download the game for free at our blog.

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Ads-free
  • Free download on


It is an exciting game, and Truckers of Europe 3 is also a game that helps you practice driving on smartphones. Possessing top-notch graphics and realistic gameplay, Truckers of Europe 3 is a game worthy of everyone’s experience. Besides, you will be role-playing and exploring the jobs of truck drivers. Please click on the link below to download and install Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK for free.

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Hello Neighbor: Diaries 0.1 (MOD Money)

Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK is a game for those who love the horror adventure genre. Let’s discover what dark secrets your neighbor is hiding. Are you ready or not?

About Hello Neighbor: Diaries

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is an adventure game developed by tinyBuild. This game is also an extension of the hit Hello Neighbor series. In the game, you will play Nicky’s role in investigating the memory and mysterious disappearance of your best friend, Aaron Peterson. Are you ready to decipher the strange things that have taken place? – Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in this article.


Nicky and Aaron Peterson have been two close friends since childhood. They had fun, played, and grew up together. Aaron Peterson is also Nicky’s neighbor. He lives in the house across the street. Suddenly one day, Aaron Peterson disappeared. Nicky doesn’t know what happened to his best friend, so he investigates the mystery.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is Nicky’s flashback game about the mysterious disappearance of Aaron Peterson. In a chance to find a photo taken with a close friend by chance, Nicky’s memories came flooding back. He was curious about what had happened at Peterson’s house across the street. But Nicky also believes that Mr.Peterson – his best friend’s father, is hiding a sinister secret.

Hello Neighbor Diaries gameplay


In Hello Neighbor: Diaries APK, you will directly play the role of Nicky boy. Although Nicky is only a child, he is brilliant and agile. Possessing the small body of a baby makes it easy for Nicky to climb through windows or hide behind objects. At the same time, Nicky can also craft items as long as he has enough materials.

You can use the navigation keys on the left side of the screen to move the character. At the same time, you can also control Nicky to crawl or jump through special keys displayed on the screen. In addition, to interact with objects, you will need to tap or hold operations on the right side of the smartphone screen.

Sneaking into the neighbor’s house

There are rumors that Mr.Peterson – who lives across from Nicky’s house, is a murderer. At the same time, the disappearance of Aaron Peterson is also a great mystery. To start investigating everything, you first need to find a way to break into the neighbor’s house.

There are many different ways to break into Mr.Peterson’s house. However, they are also guarded quite carefully. More specifically, you will have to deal with cameras, alarms, or even when Mr.Peterson walks around the house. Of course, you will have to be very careful and not get caught. Try to combine crawl, jump and at the same time hide behind objects in the house.

If you are accidentally exposed, you will be chased by Mr.Peterson. As a little boy, Nicky will have difficulty getting out of that situation unless he reaches his house. However, Mr.Peterson will also become more vigilant.

Collect shreds of evidence

Nicky has a camera, which he uses to record suspicious spots in Mr.Peterson’s house. Once you have successfully broken into the house, don’t forget to take pictures of the strange things inside. More specifically, you can tap the camera icon on the screen to start taking pictures. After a successful photo shoot, the photo will appear on the clue board in Nicky’s room.

On the other hand, these pictures will be the basis for you to deduce the mystery in the Peterson house. Can you decode them and win Hello Neighbor: Diaries?

Hello Neighbor Diaries features

Set surprise traps

You can also set traps for Mr.Peterson. Thanks to that, you can increase your ability to run away whenever you are chased. On the other hand, they can also anger him. In addition, you can create many different traps, such as placing banana peels on the way, causing Mr.Peterson to fall. However, in Hello Neighbor: Diaries, you can also get caught in your trap.

Craft equipment

Nicky is a genius and skillful boy. He can create investigative aids such as a pair of spring-loaded shoes that help him jump higher or x-ray glasses to look for suspicious things. However, Nicky will need to gather the necessary apps to start crafting. You can create many exciting things in Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK. Are you ready to explore them?

These items will significantly assist Nicky during the investigation, but they also limit the number of uses.

Facing scary memories

If Nicky is accidentally seen, you might want to run away as quickly as possible. At this point, Mr.Peterson will chase you for trespassing on his territory. If you get caught, you will suffer a terrifying memory from Mr.Peterson. In the Hello Neighbor: Diaries game, if Nicky suffers ten scary memories, he gets stressed. As a result, Nicky will need to go to bed to relax for a while.

Graphics and sounds

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is a game with 3D graphics like Disney animated movies. Everything is shaped in a mysterious and a bit scary style. But at the same time, it also stimulates the curiosity of players. In my opinion, I think this is a game with a unique graphic design.

 Sound is probably the part that adds to the mystery of the game. You will experience creepy and weird sounds. In addition, the drama will become more intense in the chase segments when the tempo of the sound becomes faster.

MOD APK of Hello Neighbor: Diaries

Hello Neighbor is a series of horror games that are already very popular. This series of games are now available on many different platforms millions of players play it every day.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is the latest game in this hit series. This game has just been developed and released not long ago on the Android platform. However, the manufacturer has yet to announce an official release date. Even Hello Neighbor is restricted to some ages and regions or countries.

To fully experience the game, we encourage you to use the Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK version. This is the latest version of this game, and you can download it for free. At the same time, we will update the game regularly on our blog.

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited money
  • Earlier Access
  • Free download on


Hello Neighbor: Diaries is a decoding role-playing game with elements of horror and mystery. Can you help Nicky investigate what’s happening inside Mr.Peterson’s house? Or can you help him find out what happened with his best friend, Aaron Peterson? – The answer will be in Hello Neighbor: Diary MOD APK. Please click on the link below to download the game for free.

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Friday, June 24, 2022

Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator 1.1.0 (MOD Paid)

Rebel Inc: Scenario MOD APK is an expanded version of Rebel Inc. Here you can create scenarios and strategies for military and political warfare. What’s more, you can also play and experience them directly.

About Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator

Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator is a game published by Ndemic Creations. It is a military-political war simulation game on smartphones. But Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator is a game with much more exciting features. More specifically, you can edit and create scenarios for the battle as you like. At the same time, you can also experience it directly or share it. Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in the article.

Rebel Inc Scenario Creator mod apk download

Create your Scenarios for Rebel Inc!

Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator is an expanded version of Rebel Inc. In this game, you will have the right to build the war scenarios you like. You can customize elements like strategy, regions, governor, and more for both sides. You can even name, choose avatars and choose governors for opposing factions.

Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator promises to be an expanded version with many exciting features and worth experiencing for those who love the game Rebel Inc.


Rebel Inc: Scenario Create’s gameplay is similar to the previous famous game Rebel Inc. But this game has been expanded and developed more with many features. First of all, you can choose to play in all two teams. Secondly, you can change the terrain as you like. And finally, with each scenario you create, you can experience it firsthand and share it with the world.

Edit Civilians, the Military, and the Insurgency

In Rebel Inc: Scenario Create MOD APK, you can in-depth intervention and civilian, military, and insurgency elements. You can edit factors like scouts, sniper support, coordinated fireteams, etc. These things can be confusing, but don’t worry; the game comes with specific instructions.

Rebel Inc Scenario Creator gameplay

Configure regions and add new structures

Besides the above features, terrain and terrain structure will also be the important factors in battles. Battle terrain will affect strategy, attack style, and many other factors. In Rebel Inc: Scenario Create, you can choose the landscape in battles.

In addition, you can still monitor the areas occupied and in power by the opposing factions. From there, you can devise tactics and plans to attack next.

Customize Civilian and Military Initiatives

Strategy is at the forefront of Rebel Inc., No matter which faction you play on. You’ll need the right attack strategy if you want to win. In Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator, you can customize civilian and military initiatives for teams.

Besides, you also have the right to decide both sides’ initial advantages and strengths. These will be the influencing factors in the early stages of the war. With this factor, you can ultimately make the game easier or more challenging.

What’s more, when you join that battle directly, you also have the opportunity to upgrade and gain additional advantages. More specifically, this can grow from activities to widen roads, build hospitals, education, political movements, and more.

Rebel Inc Scenario Creator features

Share your Scenarios with the world.

After you have built a scenario and war situation in Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator, you can save them. That way, you’ll be able to reload and replay that scenario anytime you want. At the same time, you can do one more thing and publish it. Your plan will be shared and accessible with other players worldwide. It means they can also visit and try to win the challenge you have given.

On the other hand, you can also play scenarios that other players share. They will have different difficulty levels and different missions. Indeed, this will test your ability to control the army and politics.

Sound system

The sound system is probably the most impressive thing in Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator. The game simulates the most realistic sounds of a fierce battle. You will hear gunshots, bombs exploding, and even planes. In addition, you can also listen to other sounds such as radio and TV during times of political decision-making.

MOD APK of Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator

Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator is a worthwhile upgrade to the game Rebel Inc. More specifically, you can completely design a perfect scenario to play with the same gameplay. In my opinion, this will make the game a lot more interesting. However, Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator is a paid game. You must pay $4 on Google Play to get this game.

Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator is a recently launched game. But the MOD APK version of this game is available at APKmazon. Now you can download Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator MOD APK and play the game without just paying any cost.

MOD Info:

  • MOD Paid
  • Free download on


If you are bored with the storyline of Rebel Inc, then it’s time for you to experience something new in Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator MOD APK. This version allows you to create different scenarios and strategies for wars. Try to create a dramatic scenario for the civil war in the country. At the same time, try to solve that problem and become the nation’s unifier. This is an intense and meaningful military-political simulation game. Please click the link below to download and install Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator MOD APK for free.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

One State RP 0.29.0 (MOD money)

It’s high time to follow your dream, be whoever you want, and do anything without anyone stopping in One State RP. Design your character and discover this thrilling action game right away.

About One State RP

ChillBase welcomes summer 2022 with a unique 3D action MMORPG called One State RP. This game offers an open world of engaging maps, vehicles, and actions. In this fun role-playing game, you can do anything you want without anyone stopping. No one will stop you, be it a life-saving doctor, a dangerous robber, or a policeman. This world is impressive as it allows you to do anything to make money. You also access the most modern means to perform the monetization missions mentioned by the game. It is an open space for you to make your dreams and discover new things through the large areas of the city.

One State RP is inspired by the Grand Theft Auto video game series. So you will recognize some of the features of this series, such as large open maps, a diverse quest system, lots of weapons and vehicles, etc.


One State RP is an open-world role-playing game with realistic 3D graphics. Its gameplay is similar to GTA with modern context and excellent action simulator functions. Before the game starts, you can build the appearance for your character and give him a name. Then, the game will guide you on how to move and the tasks you will perform. At the end of this guided tour, you are free to play and do all you want.

Becoming a good citizen or a dangerous criminal is your decision. While playing, you can perform on-demand quests to improve your income and earn more money by buying tools and vehicles. Try to perform as many missions as possible to have lots of money. Besides, do not forget to explore this game’s vast city with unique facilities.

One State RP gameplay

Massive map with many regions

Cities in One State RP are designed to resemble the real world with high-rise buildings and streets. The buildings in the game are simulated like reality. You can use any means to move to the surrounding areas. Move as far as possible to admire the beauty of the buildings built in the game. If you are concerned about where you are on the map, look at the miniature map in the left corner of the screen. It will show your route and location. Directions are also defined for better control of your vehicle. In the case of the quest, you can rely on these unique icons to get to the quest location faster.

Attractive mission system

In this role-playing game, you must perform many missions to earn money and experience. These quests are so varied that you cannot guess which one you will perform. It is also arranged in levels from easy to difficult, like taxi simulators, city car driving, speed car racing, or even shooting a gun. For each completed mission, you will receive money and a reputation. The money earned from these quests will help you with your needed shopping.

Moreover, your level will also increase gradually; the higher the level, you will get more benefits. When you have money, do not hesitate to buy weapons, vehicles, and costumes for the character. This equipment will be essential for your next mission. In addition, you can perform trading tasks to increase your wealth.

Online game mode with thousands of other players

You are never alone in the world of One State RP. Thousands of other players are on the same mission, making money and ready to compete with you. In this mode, you can meet new friends or interact with future enemies. You can communicate, fight or even invite them on a bandage and go on missions with you. Besides, don’t forget to make purchases with them for more money. With these new friends, your playing experience will be more enjoyable.

One State RP features

Enjoy the feeling of high speed on supercars

If casual racing games don’t give you a thrill, One State RP can do it. It allows you to experience the feeling of driving the best supercars. The Supercar collection in this game is awe-inspiring, like Fudge GT600, Elegante Avanti, Rucati Chateau, etc. You can not only own these supercars, but you can also change the color as you like for them. Some primary color you can change for your car is red, yellow, black, white, blue, and green. Just choose the color you want and apply it to the car.

Moreover, you can manually decorate and change the necessary accessories to make your car even more perfect. Each decorative accessory will cost differently, so you need to make a lot of money to get excellent and expensive accessories. Besides, you can observe the stats of speed, power, acceleration, etc., before deciding to buy these cars. Once you have them, try to drive them to explore as many locations on the map as possible to feel the fantastic speed of these cars.


One State RP is an action simulation game you should try this summer. It is an excellent opportunity to do anything you want without limits. Download this game now and enjoy the vast map with perfect supercars.

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